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SNYNXN was founded in 1987 year, is a professional manufacturer engaged in the research, development, production and sales of Drying Equipment, Granulating Machines, Mixers, Coating machines and other Pharmaceutical/Chemical machinery.

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Blending of various ingredients can be carried out in an external container blender or in a high shear or fluid bed granulator. For the latter the ingredients are continuously mixed by innumerable air bubbles, for the former both very often by a combination of defined product motion, gravity and blending tools. If the particle size distribution of the powder mix is too large, segregation usually becomes a problem, which may only be overcome by narrowing the particle size distribution by milling some or even all ingredients. This will also prevent subsequent segregation, should the powder mix be handled further. For fluid bed or high shear agglomeration/granulation a more homogenous size distribution of the powder mix will also result in a more uniform stochiometric distribution of the ingredients in the finished agglomerates or granules.


Equipment Model:
1. CH SLOT MIXER(Spray liquid water to shape wet material during the time of mixing powder);
3. EYH PLANR MOVEMENT MIXER(Mixing powder/granule);
4. VHJ QUICK VACUUM MIXER(Mixing powder/granule);
5. SZH DOUBLE CONICAL MIXER(Mixing powder/granule);
6. DSH DOUBLE SCREW CONE MIXER(Mixing powder/granule).
7. FZH SQUARE CONE MIXER(Mixing powder/granule)-Charge rate reach 80%.

Jiangyin Snynxn Granulating Drying Equipment Co., Ltd.

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