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SNYNXN was founded in 1987 year, is a professional manufacturer engaged in the research, development, production and sales of Drying Equipment, Granulating Machines, Mixers, Coating machines and other Pharmaceutical/Chemical machinery.

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Solution of solid/liquid is dried into dried powder/granule

Spray drying process is applied in liquid process shaping and drying industry. The solution/emulsion/suspending liquid is sprayed into round cylinder drying chamber through atomizer by pump transmission. The solution/emulsion/suspending liquid is atomized into micro fogdrop. The fogdrop meet hot air into powder/granule quickly with high temperature.


Equipment model:
GLP HIGH SPEED CENTRIFUGAL SPRAYING DRYER (the final powder/granule mesh range: 80 mesh - 150 mesh)
YPL PRESSURE SPRAY DRYER/GRANULATOR .(The final granule mesh range:20 - 80 mesh)






Moisture powder/granule/pellet is dried into dried powder/granule/pellet

Originally fluid bed drying was used to replace the cumbersome and time consuming tray drying, which sped the process up by about  20 times as fast. Tray drying did not permis a uniform residual granule moisture, because this method presented an unpredictable combination of drying by conduction, convection and radiation. When fluid bed drying all particles are permanently suspended and mixed; allowing an efficient convection drying only. Nevertheless, the inlet air temperature should be chosen in order for drying to be effected in a thermodynamic equilibrium, i.e. the hot air only removes as much moisture from the surface of the granules as can simultaneously travel outwards through the capillaries of the granules. Should the process air temperature be too high, the capillaries can easily close on the surface of the granules. From that moment onwards, convection drying will change to diffusion drying, resulting  in extensively extended processing times. These principles apply to any fluid bed drying, irrespectively, if drying high-shear granules or spray agglomerates, if batch or continuously  processing. It has to however be considered that if effecting spray granulation, agglomeration or coating, one does not only remove a defined  moisture content to a defined final residual value, but that drying also occurs during the spray process itself, i.e. that too high process air  temperatures may also result in unsufficient liquid bridge, porous granule structures or frosty looking films. On the other hand, too low temperatures may result in lumps or a high percentage of agglomerates when filmcoating.


Fluid-bed drying process:
Equipment model:
FG FLUID-BED DRYER (drying granule/pellet/powder,batch drying process);
GFG HIGH EFFICIENT FLUID-BED DRYER(only drying granule/pellet,batch drying process);
XF FLUID-BED DRYER(drying powder/granule, continuous drying process);
ZLG VIBRA FLUID-BED DRYER(drying easy broken granule/pellet/powder, continuous drying process).


Tray Dryer:
Equipment model:
CT,CT-C HEAT CYCLE OVEN(drying powder/granule/cake,batch drying process).


Moisture cake shape material is dried into dried powder

Flash dryer is used for drying materials such as cake shape material. The cake material is transmitted into drying chamber by screw feeder. The cake material is shattered by high speed rotary oar.The hot air is blowed by blower. The moisture material shattered is moved to top through force of exhaust fan.The big mass or granule is blocked by the classifying class plate on the top,and the big mass is dropped into bottom and shattered again. The final dried powder is exhausted and collected by cyclone separator and cloth-bag collector.

Equipment model:
QG FLASH DRYER(final powder mesh: more than 150 mesh).


Heat sensitive material drying with low temperature

Generally vacuum dryer dry the heat sensitive material. The drying temperature range: 45 deg C - 60 deg C


Equipment model:
FZG,YZG VACUUM DRYER(drying herb extracts/paste/powder/granule/,static drying process)
SZG DOUBLE CONICAL ROTATING VACUUM DRYER(drying powder/granule,dynamic drying process)



Dehydration vegetable/herb drying

Belt dryer dry dehydration vegetable/herb/strip/granule with high moisture and not permission high temperature. Put the moisture material into tray or SS mesh belt of belt dryer. The material tray is transmitted from one side to the other side. The hot air is flowed inside of belt dryer. The moisture of material is evaporated.

The equipment model: DW BELT DRYER

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